Melting Plot

     The color brings tension. The constant overheating, strong contrast and lack of in-between tones hysterically scream for attention, which could provoke certain discomfort. The colors distract and make the content blurry which is referring to the strategies of pop-culture.

     The sceneries within the paintings are mostly based on photographs which I took during my stay in the Amazon rainforest, where I spent a year during my studies. I collaged photos of different people, animals, objects and places also adding pictures downloaded from the internet. I was focusing on assembling particles of diverse contexts pointing out the improbable combinations, contradictions and absurd situations.

     I’m depicting different realities which contrast but eventually communicate despite the chaotic circumstances. Partly I was inspired by the experience of daily life in this new environment where the correspondence with nature is fundamental and where nowadays the infiltration of technology and aspects of urban life create curious mixtures. And partly I was trying to capture the chaos inside my mind brought by deliberation about possible outcomes of cultural melting pots and my own position in it.

     Through the restlessness of the paintings I’m pointing out the confusion brought by attempts to analyze many different points of view. I’m depicting fragments of stories focusing on the diversity of possible interpretations. For instance, there is a thick black liquid present in most of the works. It could mean many things... it could be mud, it could be tar, asphalt or fungus from space that eats radiation. It could also represent bad influence or bad consciences. The point is that I don't know ether what it really is. It is following a certain instinct, unclear feeling. It is uncertain.

     The paintings are particles of a thinking process based either on my own experience, on local legends or on histories told by others. Some of the scenes have historical background but are presented from different perspectives or perhaps from different times.

     I’m implying the concept of history that continues to be operative in the present and present that refers to history. In other words, present and past are interlocking elements. Stories, times, cultures, everything melts together, that led me to the title of the series – Melting plot.

     Throughout my stay in South America where I spent all in all two years, I was confronted with the feeling of ambivalence that I had the need to find a visual interpretation of the chaos in my thoughts. The more contradicting confusion I managed to include in my paintings the more I gained the feeling that there is no true and false. True and false are interconnected parallels.

Satellite, tribe, people, jungle
Shape Shifter, pink dolphin, Amazon rainforrest, legend
Gathering, crocodile, Aligator, poodle
Poodle Moth, butterfly, Jungle,
Aim, children, Rainforrest
La cena
el vuelo
Huevos de extraterrestres
The rainbow vomit
The Exchange
The Donats
Stuck in decoration, Intimicy
Stuck in decoration, Corner
Stuck in decoration, Balcony
Stuck in decoration, Staircase
Stuck in decoration, Rats
Stuck in decoration, Pidgeon