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I’m a Czech-born artist, currently working In Los Angeles. In 2020 I finished my studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the printmaking department. My works are capturing the inner fights of oneself, while trying to untangle the mass of information and cope with the increasing speed of urban lifestyle. The urge to belong reveals a dim memory of raw human nature and its fading instincts. Through painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture and installation, I’m displaying the restlessness of subconsciousness and its chaotic connections. 

Hints of stories, hidden identities, absurd situations, overwhelming expectations, infiltration of high technology to our everyday life, environmental threats, constant need and lack of something indefinable. I’m combining the ideas of potential futuristic trends with the ongoing search for updated versions of believing systems.

We as individuals or we as a mass are picking up the particles of different cultures, mixing it with endless amount of data and try to predict the future development of global melting pot. I compare contexts and explore the diversity of possible outcomes.

Contradictions play an important role, such as city x nature, utopia x dystopia, spirituality x materialism, tragedy x comedy.


Secondary Education

2014 - 2020:  University of Applied Arts Vienna - graphics and printmaking

                       (Winter semster 2017/2018: Visitor student residency in Peru, Lima - Pontificia universidad católica del Peru, Faculty of fine Arts)

2011 - 2014: University of West Bohemia, Ladislav Sutnar - Faculty of design and art

                       (Winter semester 2012 - 2013: Erasmus residency in Spain, Cuenca – Universidad de Castilla La Mancha,   Faculty  of Fine Arts)



31.10. 2023 - 15.02.2024: TOUCH NATURE, Austrian Cultural Forum on Art and Ecology curated by Sabine Fellner  (Prague, CZ)

10/2023: Fair For Art Vienna, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, (Vienna, AT)

08/2023: Group show at Schloss Weispach, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, (Salzburg, AT)

08/2023: Private Mythologies - Our fabulous Friends, Gallery twenty-six (Schwertgasse 4, 1010, Wien, AT)

05/2023: Parallel Editions 2023, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, (Wein, AT)

05/2023: Tschak Boom, group show at MOA Wien (Allerheiligenplatz 15, Wien AT)

01/2023: Off Course - in Wide, Solo show, Gallery twenty-six (Schwertgasse 4, 1010, Wien, AT)

09/2022: Heads or Tales- Duo show with 3sechzig, Favoritenstrasse 137,  (Wien,AT)

09/2022: Vienna Anthropology Days / International Conference, (Wien,AT)

09/2022: Parallel Vienna, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, (Wien, AT)

06/2022: Body & Nature, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, (Wien, AT)

05/2022: Parallel Editions 2022, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, (Wien, AT)

05/2022: R& Art Walk, Das Rund / creative Film Production, (Wien, AT)

08/2021: Internationale Grafik Triennale Frechen, (Frechen, D)

05/2021: Parallel Vienna Editions/21, (Wien, AT) - Galerie Rudolf Leeb

03/2021: Traume und Offenbarungen, (Wien, AT) - Urban Art Gallery / AG18

10/2020: Melting Plot, (Wien, AT) - solo exhibition - Gallery Rudolf Leeb Project Space

05/2019.: If you only..., (Wien, AT) - Bildungsministerium

03/2019: Realities, (Wien, AT) - ORF Funkhaus

03/2019: Laser game, (Prague, CZ) - solo exhibition - Tonkin

02/2019: Love for the streets, (Wien, AT) - Gallery Kaeshmaesh

10/2018: Yajé, (Prague, CZ) - solo exhibition of oil paintings, Café URX

12/2017: Exposicion anual de arte, (Lima, PE) - oil painting - The jungle La Tierra

10/2017La Tierra, Group show at La Guerrera, (Lima, PE)

06/2017: Essense - cats, heaven and no sun, (Wien, AT)

06/2016: Essense - Einmal zusammen, (Wien, AT)

05/2016: Graphics Biennale, (Belgrade, RS)

04/2016: Stuck in decoration, (Wien, AT) - solo exhibition of oilpaintings

09/2015: ARTWALK (Groß-Siegharts, AT)

06/2015: Something in between (Wien, AT)

06/2014: Seclusion Exhibition (Pilsen,CZ) - illustrated book - Popol Vuh

03/2014: The difference - Galery Ve Stredu (Pilsen,CZ) - Mexican market

01/2014: Seclusion Exhibition (Pilsen,CZ) - Illustrated book - Mexican market

05/2013: Aquarium (Pilsen,CZ) - installation

06/2013: Seclusion Exhibition (Pilsen, CZ) - Illustrated book - E. A. Poe

01/2013: Fuera de mi mente (Cuenca, Spain)

06/2012: Seclusion Exhibition (Pilsen, CZ) - Puppet theatre

01/2012: Seclusion Exhibition (Pilsen, CZ) – Fall and Winter

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